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guide to advertise on instagram

Guide to Advertise on Instagram (2020 Guide)

Instagram’s one of the most frequently used social media platforms, so brands and businesses head to head with each other to advertise on Instagram. There are a lot of criteria to be considered, from ads to the cost of them.

What Are Instagram Ads?

Advertising on Instagram is a great opportunity for most brands and businesses. It is a perfect place to share videos and photos, and the content can also be brand posts. When you use the platform to promote your products or services, Instagram will help you reach your target market and support your brand’s goals. Instagram ads are a good opportunity to advertise your brand by way of visual content on the platform. At this point, some ads can be more helpful in improving your strategy.

Advertisements with photos: The visuality plays a critical factor on the platform. Ads also contain a photographic element so that you can convert your photo into a more charming format.

Advertisements with videos: Videos are the best option to create a brand perception, and you can offer more information within less time.

advertise on instagram

How Much to Advertise on Instagram?

Of course, there isn’t any absolute price to advertise on Instagram. If you a brand owner or have a business, you need to create own your ad’s cost. Theoretically, Instagram will most probably prefer a brand that offers the highest bid. However, in reality, it is too complicated than the theory. Instagram doesn’t guarantee to accept any ad you provide and serve it despite the highest bid.

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We can say that giving your ads on Instagram cost will be more than it would on Facebook. Instagram often has up to almost ten times the engagement of Facebook to get better results thanks to your advertisements. 

Many different elements affect how much you pay for the ads. For instance, demographics like gender, age, income, education, and location. Everything depends on your target audience. Another element that affects advertisement cost is its placement. For instance, ads at the top of the web page will be the most expensive. Therefore, you need to focus on ads and campaigns that can help you to reach more users.

FAQs About Advertising on Instagram

How much it costs to advertise on Instagram?

It depends on brand or business owners and Instagram policy. There isn’t an exact price you can learn, but we can say that some advertisement places cost is much higher than the others. For instance, ads at the top of the feed or story have the highest price.

How can you advertise on Instagram? 

You need to create a ‘Business Page & Profile.’ Also, you must have a Facebook Page to create a free Business Profile. Create ads, determine not only the goal of your ads but also the target audience. After that, you need to select the ads’ budget. It is ready to publish.

Guide to Advertise on Instagram In Short 

There are many reasons a brand or company can decide to advertise on Instagram, like increasing website traffic and attracting more target customers’ attention. You need to focus on catchy photos and videos for Instagram advertisements.

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