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how can you watch instagram live

How Can You Watch Instagram Live? (Guide)

As you know, many people share live streams on Instagram, and other users can easily watch Instagram live videos. Live streaming videos are posts that you can easily stream and watch as long as you have a good internet connection. You can watch live videos of celebrities and people with many followers (yes, we mean that everyone can stream a live video). Moreover, watching live videos does not require you to follow the person streaming live video. You can easily see that live content continues actively from the Instagram stories section of the user’s profile.

How to Watch Instagram Live on PC?

Making to watch Instagram on PC is easy, but you need both Google Chrome and an additional app (actually it is not an app, but extension) on your computer. Both apps are completely free.

  1. First, install the Chrome Extension named IG Stories for Instagram on your browser. In the upper right corner, you will see the Add to Chrome option. Click on this.
  2. Enable this extension.
  3. Then, go to Instagram.com.
  4. If any of the people you follow is streaming live, you can see this in the upper left corner. Just click on the broadcast to watch it.
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How to Watch Instagram Live on Mac?

Watching live videos can also be done easily on a Mac. Mac computers require the same process as other computers. Download Chrome first. Then download IG Stories For Instagram on the Chrome web store and follow the same steps.

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FAQs About Watching Live Videos

Are videos on Instagram the same as the live stream?

No. A live stream is what users see in the stories section and can be fixed for 24 hours and is different from videos.

Can I watch Instagram IGTV videos on my smartphone?

You can download your Instagram app to your phone immediately and watch live stream videos without the need for anything additional.

What are the most-watched types of live videos?

Generally, formal publications on political and social events and recently COVID-19 streams are frequently watched.

Conclusion: To Watch Instagram Live

You can easily watch Instagram stream videos on a laptop, PC, or Mac. For this, you need to download an additional chrome extension. But when you want to watch streams on the phone, you do not need to use an additional application other than Instagram. To watch Instagram live is something as easy as streaming. If you want to learn more about the app, we cover up many other popular topics in our articles.

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