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how to hyperlapse on instagram

How to Hyperlapse on Instagram? (Full Guide)

Hyperlapse is a technique used in photography to create motion sequences. Traditionally, it is possible through by slightly moving the camera a different position between each shot. Hyperlapse from Instagram makes it much easier for common users to create Hyperlapse videos as it works with high-end built-in image stabilization algorithms.

How to Get the Hyperlapse App?

The official Hyperlapse app of Instagram is only available in the app store for iPhone and iPad. So iPhone users can get the app from Apple’s app store and start making amazing hand-held time lapses easily. 

Android users can choose various Hyperlapse apps available on the play store that can be used to make Hyperlapses for Instagram. Microsoft Hyperlapse Mobile, Freelapse, or Time Lapse apps are some of the best applications for free Hyperlapses. 

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How to Apply It?

Hyperlapses are fun, engaging, and easy to apply. To create a Hyperlapse, download Hyperlapse from Instagram from the app store, and then follow these steps:

  1. Give access the app to your photos and videos
  2. Hold down the white button to record a new video
  3. Try to keep it still and watch the timer as the 30-second video translates into a 5-second Hyperlapse
  4. Stop recording and adjust the speed if you like
  5. Click the green mark if you are satisfied with the result
  6. Tap “Share” and choose Instagram 

These are only valid for the official Hyperlapse app for Instagram. Other Hyperlapse apps on android require additional or different steps.

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FAQs of Hyperlapse on Instagram

What is the difference between a time-lapse and Hyperlapse?

Hyperlapse is essentially a time-lapse, but there is one main difference between them. On most time lapses, the camera is stationary over time, but on Hyperlapses, the camera moves as the video progresses.

Does the iPhone have Hyperlapse?

Although it is possible to make Hyperlapse with iPhone built-in features, it takes much effort without an app. You can download it from Instagram for free and start making Hyperlapses.

Does Hyperlapse have audio?

A Hyperlapse does not contain audio in its original form, but you can add music or audio into it afterward.

Hyperlapse on Instagram Summary

Hyperlapse from Instagram is a great app to make high-quality time-lapse videos. It is easy to use, and you should use it wherever suitable to add value to your Instagram posts. Want to know when exactly to share your Hyperlapse to get the best engagement? So check our article about What Is the Best Time To Post On Instagram?

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