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how to put music on instagram story

How to Put Music on Instagram Story? (2020 Guide)

Instagram stories are great tools to increase user interaction with its various features; share news about your life or business, and improve your visibility. Besides its other story features; Instagram offers music selection from the Instagram music library and allows you to share music on your Instagram story from different music streaming platforms.

As it is with most Instagram features, adding music to your Instagram stories is quite user-friendly. In this article, we’ve explained how to add music to your Instagram stories and challenge stories as its availability worldwide.

How to Tag Music on an Instagram Story?

Instagram music is there to make your Instagram stories more fun and engaging. If you want to put music to your Instagram stories via its built-in music feature, you can follow these listed steps:

  1. Open the Instagram camera and tap a picture or video to upload
  2. Swipe up to select the Instagram music sticker
  3. Choose music to add from thousands of songs
  4. Decide of which part of the song you want to put, choose the color and the font of the lyrics if available
  5. Tap on the done located at the right corner
  6. The selected song will appear on your story with your chosen image

You can also tag music on an Instagram story from other popular music streaming platforms such as Spotify, Soundcloud, Deezer, or Shazam by using their “share with Instagram” feature.

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Instagram Regions

Instagram music is available for more than 90 countries, but there are still many regions in the world, where it’s not yet available. So many Instagram users around the world cannot add music to Instagram.

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FAQs about How to Put Music on Instagram Story

How can I get Instagram music?

If Instagram music is available in your region, you can use Instagram music by tapping the stickers button, then finding the Instagram music sticker on stories.

How can I make Instagram music available in my region?

You can use VPN services to log in to the Instagram app to make its music feature available for your region. It’s essential to note that you have to switch a VPN whenever you want to utilize the app’s music feature. 

Does Instagram have every song?

Although Instagram music does not have every song that a good music-streaming service offers, it has various popular songs from every music genre. It is also feasible to display the lyrics of many songs.

Conclusion on How to Put Music on Instagram Story

Instagram music is an amazing feature to make your stories much more engaging and fun. Putting music on Instagram stories are also easy to use with a couple of simple steps.

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