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how to sell on instagram

How to Sell on Instagram? (2020 Complete Guide)

Instagram is one of the best marketplaces to promote a variety of products and services, thanks to its active user base and engaging features. You can use Instagram posts, stories, reels, hashtags, and many more features to reach wider audiences to sell items on Instagram. To achieve steady sales rates on Instagram, there are a couple of steps and practices to consider first:

  1. Create and Setup an Instagram business account and familiarize yourself with its features
  2. Come up with a descriptive yet short Instagram bio and include your website if available
  3. Feature your products with great posts 
  4. Use Hashtags and other engagement methods to expand your audience

Shops on Instagram

Shops on Instagram are introduced by Instagram in May 2020 to make it easier for users to shop they like on the app. The feature offers an immersive shopping experience for users as it is on fullscreen and enables businesses to display photos of their products and services by larger than usual scales.

Creating your shop on Instagram is simple but requires a prior confirmation from Instagram and an external website domain that you own. After your business gets confirmed, your customers can get the products via Checkout on Instagram.

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How to Sell on Instagram without Having a Website?

If you don’t have a website, you can still sell your products on Instagram. It is possible to sell your products with direct messages, comments, and hashtags. Other than these built-in features of Instagram, you can work with e-commerce websites such as Shopify, Bigcommerce, or Etsy. These third-party providers will help you match products available on your Instagram profile and enable them to buy without leaving Instagram. 

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How to Sell on Instagram FAQs

Can customers pay through Instagram?

It is not available for now to pay business through Instagram, but Facebook; the owner of Instagram, is planning to expand its Facebook Pay feature to Instagram.

Can you sell directly on Instagram?

You can straight sell your products or services by using its built-in features through direct messages, comments, and hashtags. After saying that, working with an e-commerce website that can be integrated into your Instagram profile can highly increase your sales.

Why is my account not eligible for Shops on Instagram?

There are some requirements before your business can be eligible for Shops on Instagram, such as country or product eligibility.

Conclusion on How to Sell of Instagram

Instagram is an amazing social media platform to sell your products and services, especially for niche business and small-scale ones. It is important to utilize its built-in features and work with an e-commerce website to sell on Instagram. Check our article about Ultimate Guide to Instagram Analytics to get the best out of your data to make a more stable market analysis.

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