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simple guide to igtv

Simple Guide to IGTV (Brief & Definitive Guide)

Instagram is an application on both iOS and Android to share photos and videos. Nowadays, there are millions of active users on the platform. Thousands and even millions of photos and videos are uploaded every day. Instagram has provided one more different but useful service; it is Instagram TV or IGTV, a long-form vertical video channel.

How To Use IGTV?

It used to be that you needed to create an IGTV channel. You could watch other users’ Instagram TV videos on the platform, but if you wanted to create your IGTV videos, there was an application you must download on both iOS or Android. Now, all you need to have to upload IGTV videos is an Instagram account. There are some factors you need to be careful. For instance, the file format needs to be MP4, or your maximum video length when uploading on mobile should be 15 minutes, and on the web should be 60 minutes.

Steps To Upload to IGTV

Here are steps to upload videos onto IG-TV;

  1. Tap the ‘+ ‘ icon; you will see it at the bottom of your newsfeed.
  2. Choose the video you will upload and then tap ‘Next.’
  3. Choose share as ‘Long Video.’ It offers you a longer video uploading on IGTV, while the shorter one is shared to your Instagram feed.
  4. Tap ‘Continue’ and then select a cover image for the video from one of its frames or your gallery. Tap ‘Next.’
  5. You need to add a title and description like on Youtube. You should write relevant topics for your videos.
  6. Finally, tap ‘Post’ in the top-right of the screen.

FAQs About IGTV 

Why should we use IG-TV? 

Because Instagram allows uploading videos up to 60 seconds, if your content is longer than this time, you can use Instagram TV.

What’s IGTV’s maximum video length? 

The video you will upload needs to be at least 15 seconds and at most 60 minutes.

Instagram TV In Short

Instagram TV was released to the market in June 2018, and it allows uploading videos longer than Instagram stories and posts. The users on the platform can upload videos up to 60 minutes. Therefore, you will share longer content with your followers in one go, thanks to IGTV.

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