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what is instagram reels

What Is Instagram Reels? (A Definitive 2020 Guide)

Reels is the most recent content format of Instagram; launched in early August 2020, that enable users to create and share short-timed videos on their stories and the new reels tab on their profiles. It is also possible to make the Reels videos available on the explore page to reach a wider audience if their account is public. 

Reels are very similar to TikTok as Insta users now can record 15-second videos with various new features to make them entertaining, engaging, and creative.

How Does It Work?

Many engaging editing tools are available on Reels; such as various augmented reality (AR) effects created by Instagram and other users, music or original audio, countdown, timer, alignment, and speed tool. You should click on the stories camera located at the top-left on the Instagram app then find the Reels icon to access all these features of Reels.

As it is on TikTok, it is possible to start and stop recording multiple times; upload a video from your gallery, or record the video all at once. After you finished recording, you can use editing tools and include Instagram stickers to make a great Reels video.

It is important to note that your Reels videos should have appealing cover photos if you want to get more engagement. You can choose a video thumbnail or add a custom-made one from your gallery.


How to Add Highlight Reels?

Instagram stories vanish after 24 hours if you do not highlight them on your profile to keep them permanently. It is recommended for you to highlight stories often and keep them organized by relevance. When it comes to the new Reels feature; it is impossible to highlight your reels as they are always available on the reels tab on your profile and are still on its development phase. Instagram might add the highlight feature for Reels in the future.

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FAQs about Instagram Reels

How to find Reels on Instagram?

To watch Reels tap at the explore icon; tap the first reels video on the top, and scroll down to watch more reels.

What audio can I use for my Reels?

You can use the music tool to add music and sound effects to your Reels from the Instagram music library. It is also possible to use the original audio of your video.

Why are certain Reels featured on Instagram?

Instagram features some of them on the explore page for many reasons; and the exact algorithm behind it is not open to the public. Featured reels are generally entertainment videos for the general audience or creative videos about trends and ongoing events.

Conclusion of What is Instagram Reels

Reels are the newly introduced feature of Instagram that allows its users to post short videos and use various editing tools to make them more entertaining.

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